Sensory Services

Understanding Taste Unlocks the DNA of Your Products

Innovation Services:

Product Development is a Process Not a SKU


We simplify the science and supply powerful data by combining descriptive taste profiles, and scientific results with consumer perspectives.


Innovation deserves an exceptional creative process and a sharp innovation mindset.

Taste Intelligence

Sensate will help your team map a product development process that can point to multiple formats, flavors, and ingredients and define product development pathways. The process delivers fine-tuned infographics and product development maps that are easily communicated to executive and development teams.

Sensory Training

We train your team to taste and identify the key characteristics of your products and your competitors. Whether it is quality assurance, or identifying profiles for consumer preferred products, we empower teams with the training and tools they need. Through developing custom taste reference libraries and a shared language to describe and identify the taste profiles of your products, our training enables your teams to maintain the quality and consistency your consumers demand.

Training and installing an internal sensory team, department, or program provides many advantages and is an invaluable tool for multiple departments, including Purchasing, Marketing, R+D, QA, Product Development, and Production. Proper sensory methods powers data these departments can use to make vital business decisions.

Consumer & Professional Tasting Panels

Be it a professional tasting panel evaluation to develop custom product taste profiles or consumer hedonic values, we can quickly deliver answers to your taste questions.

Strategic Framing

Knowing where to go is half the battle. Sensate thoughtful strategic framing, provides a deep dive into competitive intelligence and trends. We also identify and define taste targets with our proprietary taste mapping system.

Our process is designed to facilitate discussions that enable development teams to make informed business choices, telegraph meaning and focus project goals.

Incubation & Concept Creation

Sensate idea incubation and concept creation process inspires and captures flashes of brilliance and intuitive creativity.

In our process, we research ideas and trends, employ educated guesses and try out alternatives. We also, gather inspirations from art, architecture, nature, or the streets to generate and ignite multiple ideas for discussion & vetting. We motivate teams to think big and dream up your next product breakthrough.

Product Development & Prototyping

It’s a dirty job, and we are always ready to do it. Getting to the big idea requires swift and skillful product prototyping. Sensate, delivers creative concept solutions and culinary executions ready for consumer vetting.