About Us


At Sensate, we believe in a discipline of knowledge-based discovery, deep understanding, and unbridled creativity. 

We are experienced professionals that have worked in or with major retailers, manufactures, co-packers, agencies, farmers, artisans and restaurants.

With a food practice that spans decades of learning from every corner of the world, we strive to not only uncover the unique sensory attributes of products, but the psychological and physical drivers behind what consumers want, need and crave.

Our process is highly collaborative, with a dynamic approach that shifts between phases of independent work and group collaboration, we actively seek input from your key stakeholders and leaders. The result is an open exchange of thoughts, hypotheses, and ideas.

We are a woman owned company meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


Beth Kimmerle

Beth has worked on sensory, and innovation projects for both industrial and artisanal food clients for over two decades.


Christine Keller

Christine has a love for everything edible. Her natural curiosity combined with a knack for identifying, understanding and translating creative ideas into actionable businesses is her true passion and talent.